Every business will benefit from a simple and well thought out fire safety strategy that ensures legal compliance and sets a high benchmark for safety. This is our approach when working with you on your Fire Risk Assessment; our reports identify practical and achievable actions, which are affordable to implement and closely match the actual needs of your business.

A good Fire Risk Assessment can significantly reduce the risk of fire at your premises. Marpal employ highly qualified IFE registered Fire Risk Assessors. We provide all of our Clients with a clear and easy to understand Fire Risk Assessment Report that satisfies regulatory requirements and includes a Fire Action Plan based on the significant findings as well as photographs; floor plans identifying where remedial action is required may also be included.

The Benefit to You:

Our Advisors are highly qualified and experienced in Fire Safety, receiving good practical fire safety advice can:

  • Safeguard the lives of the buildings’ occupants
  • Significantly reduce the risk of fire
  • Ensure that adequate escape routes are provided
  • Ensure that a fire is detected quickly
  • Reduce the size and spread of a fire
  • Ensure that sensible management systems, policies and procedures are in place
  • Ensure staff know what to do in the event of a fire
  • Protect businesses or individuals from litigation
  • Protect businesses reputations from the bad publicity associated with fire incidents

There is little value in preparing a Fire Risk Assessment Report, which a non-technical person cannot understand. Our reports are easy to follow, concise and clearly explains the fire action measures needed!

Want to Know More?

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