Competent Person Scheme

Marpal offer a Competent Person Scheme, which is designed to provide you with the Health and Safety support and advice you require to allow you to meet your health and safety obligations.

Establishing a safe and healthy workplace is a key priority for all responsible Employers, and is something that affects every business.  Complying with the various statutes, regulations and health and safety protocols can be a daunting and time consuming task. In many cases, organisations are able to manage their health and safety requirements themselves with assistance from dedicated Health and Safety Individuals or departments. However, we recognise that for many small to medium sized businesses this is often unrealistic, and therefore they often struggle to meet their statutory responsibilities.

As a business owner or manager, you will probably be able to deal with straight forward health and safety issues, either by yourself or by appointing one or more employees to assist you. Where health and safety issues become more complex or specialised, or you simply don’t have the necessary expertise, then you may need to seek external assistance and advice. This is where Marpal’s Health and Safety Competent Person Scheme can provide the additional competent resource that your organisation may need.

Our goal is to provide you with professional advice, guidance and ongoing support services in order to create a safe working environment and a compliant workplace for your business.

Why do I need access to Competent Health and Safety Advice/Assistance?

 The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 states that every employer (regardless of their size) shall appoint one or more competent persons to assist in complying with the requirements imposed upon them by health and safety legislation.

A competent person(s) can be someone within your organization providing they have the required health and safety knowledge, skills and experience. However, if this is not the case, you may need to seek assistance from outside the organisation.

Pre-Qualification SchemesThere are numerous Pre-Qualification Schemes, such as CHAS, Safecontractor, Constructionline etc. all of which will require you to identify who your Competent Person is; quite often this will include the requirement to submit a CV to demonstrate competence.

Having access to sound health and safety advice is an inexpensive and effective means of complying with your obligations!

A bespoke package designed to meet your requirements!

We recognise that your business is unique, therefore, we offer bespoke packages based on the level of assistance and support you require.  This may include: –

Health and Safety PolicyWe will develop, update or revise your existing Health and Safety Policy.  At the beginning of each year’s membership, we will review your policy to make sure that it is up to date, relevant to the activities of your organisation and reflects changes in legislation and best practice.

Health and Safety ReviewYour designated Health and Safety Advisor will visit your premises and undertake a review of your health and safety management systems, including policies, procedures and arrangements. Following the review, a Report will be prepared detailing our findings and will include a Safety Action Plan identifying any areas of improvement.

Health and Safety Audits/Revisits – Following an initial health and safety review, further audits can be undertaken to ensure ongoing compliance and that the Safety Action Plan has been successfully implemented.

Employee Health & Safety Handbook – We will develop a bespoke Health and Safety Handbook, which will briefly outline your organisation’s health and safety arrangements, key policies and expectations from employees.

Access to Health & Safety Advice –  You will have access to competent health and safety advice either via email or phone during normal working hours (Monday to Friday 8am till 5pm).

Forms, Registers, Checklists and TemplatesWe can provide you with various health and safety forms, checklists, registers and templates that will support you in the management of health and safety in your workplace.

 Legislative NewsletterOn a 6 monthly basis (usually each April and October), Marpal will issue Legislative updates, which will include any HSE initiatives.

Other Services

During the course of your membership, you may require additional health and safety support. Some of the services we can assist you with include:-

  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fire Evacuation Strategies
  • Workplace Risk Assessments
  • Health & Safety Workplace Inductions
  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Asbestos Management Plans
  • Asbestos Re inspections
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Developing Health & Safety Management Systems
  • Meeting Standards of Safety Schemes (CHAS, Constructionline, Safecontractor etc.)
  • CDM Consultancy Services
  • Construction Phase Plans
  • Method Statement/Risk Assessment Review
  • Health and Safety Files
  • Building Manuals
  • Site Safety Inspections

What are the benefits to my business?

Employing an external consultant can be a cost effective way of meeting your health and safety obligations. Our bespoke service makes up for any shortfalls you may have in terms of health and safety compliance. Quite often, you will be able to discharge your responsibilities without any assistance, but there will be occasions or aspects of your business which will require specific expertise.

Other benefits include: –

  • Peace of mind
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Working in accordance with your Client’s expectations
  • Saves you time and money

Competent Person Scheme – How much will it Cost?

We do not provide standard packages, after all, your business and how it is run is unique, and therefore the level of service we offer will be dependent upon your specific requirements and the size of your organisation.

Call us today for a free consultation and a no obligation quote.

Competent Person Scheme – Certificate of Association

On acceptance to the scheme, you will be issued with a Certificate of Association, this is proof that you have appointed Marpal Ltd as your Competent Person. The certificate demonstrates that you have access to competent health and safety advice as required under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

Competent Person Scheme – Why Choose Marpal?

Our objective is to be an integral part of your business, providing you with the health and safety support and assistance you require to allow you to continue to grow.

Our Consultants are well qualified, experienced health and safety professionals, who are reliable, trustworthy and responsive to your needs.

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