Health & Safety Templates And Guidance For Contractors

Marpal are proud to announce the commencement of our exciting new Health & Safety Platform. Members of Marpal’s Health and Safety Competent Person Scheme (CPS), a scheme which is designed to provide health and safety support and assistance for small to medium sized businesses, will be able to access the new platform from May 2021.


CPS Members will benefit from being able to access a suite of templates and supporting documentation to help them with ongoing health and safety compliance, in addition to the support they already receive.

Although the scheme supports businesses in most industry sectors, Marpal do specialise in supporting those who operate in the construction and property sectors. The platform will be made available to all existing CPS Members, this will be free of charge and will form part of their ongoing membership.

Accessed via our website (, the platform will exclusively provide members with a wealth of useful health and safety material such as templates, guidance documents, health and safety news and alerts, as well as helpful advice. The design of the platform is friendly for both android and mobile phone use, which should prove beneficial for those working on site.

We are always looking at ways to improve the services we provide, and the feedback we are receiving is very positive and welcome; the new platform should prove to be very popular with all our CPS Members.

Why Join The Competent Person Scheme (CPS)

As a business owner or manager, you’ll probably be able to deal with straightforward health and safety issues, either by yourself, or with assistance from an employee(s). For more complex or specialised issues, you may need to rely on the advice of a Health and Safety Professional. Within larger organisations, they simply call upon a Health and Safety Manager, or Department, however, within small businesses there is no such luxury.

Every company should have access to health and safety support, regardless of size. This is where Marpal, through our Competent Person Scheme, can provide the advice, assistance and support that your business needs; there is no reason to compromise on health and safety. Our annual fee is low cost, affordable and proportionate to the number of employees within your business.

Advice, Help Or Assistance

Should you wish to find out more about CPS Membership and how we can help and support you being health and safety compliant, then please contact David Fisher, John Lewis or Paul Littlewood on 01332 668877 or email [email protected].

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