• 23rd December 2019

    First Aid Requirements On A Construction Site Those working on construction sites face many significant hazards and the likelihood of accidents occurring are significantly more likely, than say, compared to an office environment. It is therefore imperative that should accidents occur, that first aid is given to someone who is injured (or fallen ill), as…

  • 13th December 2019

    What Is A Pre Construction Information Pack (PCIP)? The Pre Construction Information Pack (PCIP) is a document which provides the information already in the Client’s possession, or which is reasonably obtainable, to relevant CDM Duty Holders, such as Designer(s), Contractor or Principcal Contractor. The Pre Construction Information Pack is not explicitly referenced in CDM 2015,…

  • What should be included within a CDM Health and Safety File
    28th November 2019

    Do I Need A Health & Safety File? A Health and Safety File has to be prepared for all construction projects where there is more than one Contractor; this is a specific requirement of The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015. The whole purpose of the CDM Health and Safety File is to ensure that…

  • Health & Safety File Responsibilities – Who Is Responsible For What
    23rd November 2019

    What Is A CDM Health & Safety File? The Health and Safety File is a requirement of The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015, and is a record of information for the Client, or End User, regarding a site or structure, which focuses on health and safety. The information it contains will alert those who…

  • What Should Be Included Within A CDM Construction Phase Plan?
    10th November 2019

    What Is A CDM Construction Phase Plan? The Construction Phase Plan, also referred to as a CPP, is a document that sets out the health and safety management arrangements for a project and must include specific measures on how the significant risks associated with the project are intended to be managed; this is an explicit…

  • When Is A Hazard A Significant Hazard_
    3rd October 2019

    Over recent years, Health & Safety experts have noted that when carrying out risk assessments, some organisations list every risk that comes to mind. However, this tendency to over-catalogue hazards is unnecessary. Instead, it is more productive to assess risk levels realistically, concentrate on significant hazards and focus effort where it is worthwhile. Below, we…

  • 20th September 2019

    Any change to Health & Safety legislation can have significant consequences for companies and sole traders. The Construction and Design Management Regulations 2015, in particular, have made considerable changes to the way Health & Safety is managed in the construction industry.

  • When is a Project Notifiable under the CDM Regulations 2015
    2nd September 2019

    Before a construction project starts on site, the Client has a specific duty under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015, to notify the enforcing authority for health and safety, should the project meet any of the following criteria: i) The construction phase is likely to last longer than 500-person days, or ii) Last longer…

  • What is a CDM Consultant and do I need one
    26th August 2019

    In short, a CDM Consultant (also known as a CDM Advisor) is a construction health and safety professional who provides advice, assistance and guidance to duty holders under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015, to ensure they comply with their statutory duties and that health and safety is an integral part of the project.

  • CDM Compliance - How To Create A Design Risk Assessment
    22nd August 2019

    As a designer, under the CDM Regulations you must critically assess your design proposals at the start and throughout the design process. A good designers risk assessment should identify the hazards and evaluate the risks that may arise from the design. Dependent upon the hazard and level of risk, designers are encouraged firstly to eliminate…