What Should Be Included Within A CDM Health & Safety File?

Do I Need A Health & Safety File?

A Health and Safety File has to be prepared for all construction projects where there is more than one Contractor; this is a specific requirement of The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015.

The whole purpose of the CDM Health and Safety File is to ensure that those who may carry out future works on a structure or site (such as cleaning, repairs, maintenance, construction or demolition), are made aware of the significant health and safety risks which may be encountered. This then allows them to plan, derive safe systems of work and manage their works without risk to their own health and safety, and those who may be affected by their activities.

Who Is Responsible For Producing The Health & Safety File?

All Duty Holders including the Client, Principal Designer, Designers, Principal Contractor and Contractors are responsible for providing relevant information for the Health and Safety File. However, the responsibility for coordinating the File lies with the Principal Designer; yet, if their appointment concludes before the end of a project, this is then transferred to the Principal Contractor.

What Should Be Included Within The Health & Safety File?

The Health and Safety File will provide information needed during future construction and maintenance work which includes cleaning, alteration, refurbishment and demolition. The information in the file is essential to those doing the work. It alerts them to the risks and helps them to decide how to work safely.

Below is a typical example of the contents/structure of a Health and Safety File.

1.0 The Project
Introduction, Construction Statement & Project Directory
2.0 Residual Hazards
Statements of Residual Hazards
3.0 Hazardous Materials
Schedule of Unusual Hazardous Materials
4.0 Key Structural Principles
Description of Structural Design & Demolition Statement
5.0 Plant and Equipment
Principles of Services Design, the Cleaning & Maintenance Access Strategy & a Plant Replacement/Removal Strategy
6.0 Building Fabric
Description of Architectural Design, the Cleaning & Maintenance Access Strategy for the Structure & a Schedule of Access Equipment
7.0 Significant Services
Known Underground Services & a Description of Emergency and Fire Fighting Systems
8.0 As Built Information
As Built Drawing Register & a Schedule of Operation and Maintenance Manuals
9.0 Surveys and Reports
Relevant Surveys and Reports

Where Should The CDM Health & Safety File Be Kept?

Ideally, the Health & Safety File should be kept available for inspection and review on the premises to which it relates.

If the Client sells all or part of the structure, the Health & Safety File – or the relevant parts of the Health & Safety File – should be passed to the new owner. The Client must ensure that the new owner is aware of the nature of the File and its purpose.

Need Help?

If you need support and assistance in coordinating and compiling the Health and Safety File for your project, or simply cannot afford the time to put a File together, then please contact one of our CDM Consultants today to talk through your project. Call Marpal on 01332 668877 or email us at [email protected].

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