What Should Be Included Within The Pre Construction Information (PCI)?

What Is A Pre Construction Information Pack (PCIP)?

The Pre Construction Information Pack (PCIP) is a document which provides the information already in the Client’s possession, or which is reasonably obtainable, to relevant CDM Duty Holders, such as Designer(s), Contractor or Principcal Contractor. The Pre Construction Information Pack is not explicitly referenced in CDM 2015, however the Regulations state that pre construction information should be in a convenient form and be clear, concise and easily understandable.

The Pre Construction Information forms an essential part of complying with the Regulations. Designers must take into account all pre construction information when preparing their designs. The Contractor or the Principal Contractor should then use the information to assist them to discharge their duties in relation to the Construction Phase Plan.

Who Develops The Pre Construction Information?

Under the CDM Regulations, the duty to provide pre construction information falls initially with the Client to provide the information as soon as is practicable to every Designer and Contractor. However, it is the Principal Designer’s duty, once appointed, to assist the Client in compiling the information and provide it to the Duty Holders in a convenient form. The Pre Construction Information Pack is a live document which should be updated throughout the pre construction phase as and when new information becomes available.

What Should Be Contained Within The Pre Construction Information?

HSE Guidance L153 states that information contained within the Pre Construction Information must:

• Be relevant to the particular project
• Include an appropriate level of detail
• Be proportionate to the risk involved

When developing the Pre Construction Information, as a minimum the following information should be provided:

1. DESCRIPTION/OVERVIEW OF THE PROJECT – Include any key dates and the contact details of the project team.

2. CLIENTS’ CONDITIONS AND MANAGEMENT REQUIREMENTS – Management arrangements for the project and any specific Client goals and restrictions. Arrangements for the monitoring and review of the project/workforce, site inductions, security and welfare provisions.

3. REQUIREMENTS RELATING TO THE HEALTH & SAFETY OF CLIENTS’ EMPLOYEES, CUSTOMERS OR THOSE INVOLVED IN THE PROJECT – Arrangements regarding site segregation, vehicular/pedestrian movements, fire and emergency procedures and Site Rules, especially those highlighted by the Client.

4. ENVIRONMENTAL RESTRICTIONS AND EXISTING ON-SITE RISKS – Arrangements required to control specific Safety Hazards and Health Hazards identified.

5. SIGNIFICANT DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION HAZARDS – Arrangements to control and manage the significant design risks identified as part of the design process as well as particular materials where precautions may need to be assessed.

6. CONSTRUCTION PHASE PLAN – Construction Phase Plan guidelines.

7. HEALTH & SAFETY FILE- Identified requirement, the format and content.

Need Help?

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