Marpal’s Health & Safety Competent Person Scheme

Marpal are proud to announce the up and coming launch of our Competent Person Scheme, which is designed to provide businesses with the Health and Safety support and advice required to enable them to meet their health and safety obligations.

Establishing a safe and healthy workplace is a key priority for all responsible Employers, and is something that affects every business.  Complying with the various statues, regulations and health and safety protocols can be a daunting, time consuming task. In many cases, larger organisations are able to manage their health and safety requirements themselves with assistance from dedicated Health and Safety Individuals or departments.  However, we recognise that for small to medium sized businesses this is often not realistic, and therefore they often struggle to meet their statutory responsibilities.

Our goal is to provide you with professional advice, guidance and ongoing support services in order to create a safe working environment and a compliant workplace for your business.

As a business owner or manager, you will probably be able to deal with straight forward health and safety issues, either by yourself or by appointing one or more employees to assist you.  Where health and safety issues become more complex or specialised, or you simply don’t have the necessary expertise, then you may need to seek external assistance/advice. This is where Marpal’s Health and Safety Competent Person Scheme can provide the additional competent resource that your organisation may need.

 Our objective is to be an integral part of your business, providing you with the health and safety support and assistance you require to allow you to manage and grow your business.

For further details on Marpal’s Health and Safety Competent Persons Scheme, please contact Paul Littlewood on 01332 668877 or via email at [email protected].