• 29th July 2020

    The Use of Oxygen –  Oxygen is naturally occurring within the air we breath, it is odourless, colourless and a tasteless gas that is slightly heavier than air. Oxygen gas is not flammable, however, if released in to the atmosphere within a building, it will enrich normal atmospheric content levels and would accelerate a fires…

  • Do I Need A Fire Risk Assessment & An Asbestos Survey_
    30th August 2019

    To ensure that your property is compliant, you will have to undertake a fire risk assessment and assess the potential risks associated from the exposure to asbestos containing materials. Each requirement falls under separate pieces of legislation, but are equally as important so as to safeguard those occupying your premises and to make sure that…

  • What is a Fire Compartmentation Survey and why is it important
    29th August 2019

    You may have been advised that you need a Fire Compartmentation Survey, so what is it and why is it important? This article will briefly explain this.

  • Is it a legal requirement to have a Fire Risk Assessment
    27th August 2019

    The answer to the question is almost certainly yes for all commercial premises and shared areas of domestic premises, such as blocks of flats. The relevant legislation in England and Wales is The Regulatory (Fire Safety) Reform Order 2005 (similar legislation exists for both Scotland and Northern Ireland).  Under the Order, anyone who has control…