• Fire Safety Training for Care Home Staff – Why is it Important
    4th November 2019

    Do My Staff Need Fire Safety Training? It is particularly important to ensure that staff who have responsibilities in the event of a fire are suitable trained on the actions to be adopted. This is a specific requirement under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which states that property owners, or those who are…

  • Who Is Responsible For Enforcing Fire Safety Regulation On a Construction Site
    11th September 2019

    Fire safety compliance can often seem intimidating. Knowing which regulations need to be met, and who is responsible for meeting them, can feel needlessly opaque. But fire safety compliance is an essential part of managing a building site. However, knowing which legislation to comply with can be unclear so this guide intends to clarify which…

  • What is a Fire Compartmentation Survey and why is it important
    29th August 2019

    You may have been advised that you need a Fire Compartmentation Survey, so what is it and why is it important? This article will briefly explain this.

  • Is it a legal requirement to have a Fire Risk Assessment
    27th August 2019

    The answer to the question is almost certainly yes for all commercial premises and shared areas of domestic premises, such as blocks of flats. The relevant legislation in England and Wales is The Regulatory (Fire Safety) Reform Order 2005 (similar legislation exists for both Scotland and Northern Ireland).  Under the Order, anyone who has control…

  • 8th December 2016

    Fire evacuation in residential care homes is often difficult and complex as most of the residents will be unable to self-evacuate due to restricted mobility and/or medical conditions. There is a huge reliance on Care Home Staff to move residents to a place of relative safety. The more residents involved, the longer the process takes….

  • 14th September 2016

      Marpal were exhibiting at the NASHiCS forum in Lincoln on 13th September.  This was a perfect opportunity to showcase our Fire Safety, Asbestos Management and CDM Services to likeminded members who are committed to promoting and improving safety and health within the Care Sector. Fire safety was a huge topic for discussion with guess…