Congratulations Tom Price on 10 Years Service

We are proud to announce that Tom Price, has achieved a significant milestone celebrating 10 years at Marpal. Tom joined the team in June 2007, as a CDM Co-ordinator and by 2009 became an Associated Director. Tom has been instrumental in the development of the Asbestos Management Department, helping to secure a contract to manage the asbestos for one of the largest Care Home providers in the UK in 2012.

As Head of Asbestos Management, Tom is now responsible for the management of asbestos in more than 650 Care Homes across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, for 9 different Health Care Groups. In addition, Tom has worked on numerous CDM Projects, including the Lead CDM Consultant on a significant Re Development Scheme at Rolls-Royce, which began in 2007 and continues to this very day.

Tom is an important member of the Marpal Team and his contributions are an important part of our continued success. I would like to thank Tom for all that he does. Thank you Tom!

Paul Littlewood
Managing Director
Marpal Ltd