John Lewis BSc Hons (Marpal Ltd)

John joined Marpal in 2008 as a CDM Co-ordinator, Health & Safety Advisor and an Asbestos Surveyor, progressing to Joint Head of CDM Services in 2016 and Director in 2023. As well as coordinating the Department, John’s role involves allocating sufficient time and resources to various projects/commissions and liaising with Clients. John is also responsible for managing the Marpal quality management system.

John has proved to be a dynamic individual and an integral part of the Marpal team. John has accumulated over 16 years’ experience working in construction health and safety, within many sectors including Defence, Manufacturing, Processing, Health Care, Education, Housing, Commercial and Retail across the UK.

John’s approach and thoroughness ensures that the Client addresses significant health and safety issues, in full compliance with current health and safety legislation, specifically tailored to meet Client’s requirements/expectations.

John acts as a Health & Safety Advisor (Competent Person) to various Clients, ensuring that such organisations are compliant with current health and safety legislation and best practice. On behalf of various Clients, John has carried out Site Safety Inspections on construction activities, workplace Health and Safety Audits and assisted with the development of various bespoke health and safety documentation.

John is also a qualified Asbestos Surveyor and has undertaken hundreds of Management and Refurbishment/Demolition Surveys in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.