Joining A Health & Safety Accreditation Scheme Could Be A Positive Move For Your Business!

Reasons For Attaining Health & Safety Accreditation

Although it’s not a legal requirement, many organisations – when inviting businesses/contractors to tender for projects – are now requiring their prospective suppliers to be accredited with a Health & Safety Accreditation Scheme. Unless accredited, your organisation will not be considered, which may mean that your business is missing out on some great potential opportunities.

Buyers, when making appointments are required to appoint competent suppliers of goods or services. Being registered to a third-party Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme is one way to demonstrate that your organisation is able to meet its health and safety obligations. However, meeting the requirements of these Accreditation Schemes can be quite onerous, but the rewards far out weigh the effort required.

What Accreditation Schemes Are There?

Many buyers choose not to burden themselves with the resources needed to check that businesses comply with their health and safety obligations – they simply specify which third-party Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme they advocate which, in construction, tend to include:

What Assistance Will I Require?

In order to demonstrate that you are competent, you must have access to a Competent Person(s) that will advise and assist you – not only with your application, but with the other health and safety aspects of your business. The Competent Person could be either yourself, a colleague or an external organisation.

Definition of a Competent Person:

“Someone who has sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to allow them to assist you properly.” – Health and Safety Executive.

Advice, Help or Assistance

If you possess the inhouse expertise and you’re confident that as an organisation you’re competent, then you may not need the services of Marpal Health and Safety Consultants. However, we do specialise in assisting small/medium sized businesses in attaining Third Party Accreditation. It is important that you know what is required in the application process before you apply, as you may be disappointed and inconvenienced if you fail to achieve accreditation.

Should you require any further advice, help, or assistance regarding CHAS, Safecontractor, or any other third-party Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme, please contact Paul Littlewood on 01332 668877 or email [email protected].